Room Additions

Room Additions by Salt & Pepper: Where Dreams and Space Meet

Expand Your Home’s Horizons With Salt & Pepper, expanding your home is more than a mere addition; it’s about creating spaces that breathe new life into your property. Our room additions are thoughtfully designed to blend with your home’s architecture, providing you with the seamless expansion you desire.

Design and Build Your Vision Our process begins with your vision. We take the time to listen and understand your needs, ensuring that every new room is a reflection of your lifestyle. With our design expertise, we then craft a space that is not just an addition but an enhancement of your home’s character and value.

Seamless Integration We pride ourselves on the ability to integrate new rooms into your home as if they were always meant to be there. From matching architectural details to selecting complementary materials, our meticulous attention to detail ensures a harmonious integration into your home’s existing design.

Craftsmanship and Quality Salt & Pepper’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality means that your new room will be built with the highest standards in mind. We use premium materials and employ the finest construction practices to ensure that your addition is a lasting investment.




Flowless And Reliable Process Steps


Consult & Design

Meet with our experts to share your vision and we’ll tailor a design that captures your style and meets your functional needs.


Plan & Propose

Receive a clear, detailed proposal, including a timeline and cost estimate, ensuring transparency and preparedness before work begins.


Construct & Perfect

Our skilled team brings the design to life, focusing on quality craftsmanship and the finishing touches that make your space uniquely yours.