Outdoor Construction

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Salt & Pepper’s Expert Outdoor Construction Services

Welcome to the Ultimate Outdoor Living Spaces

At Salt & Pepper, we specialize in creating bespoke outdoor living spaces that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle and enhance the beauty of your home. Our expertise in outdoor construction is geared toward making your backyard not just a space, but a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Patio Construction: Your Outdoor Haven

From cozy corner patios to expansive outdoor areas, our patio construction services are tailored to provide the perfect backdrop for your outdoor gatherings. We focus on durable materials and innovative designs to create patios that are both beautiful and functional.

Deck Building: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Our deck building expertise allows you to expand your living area into the great outdoors. We design and construct decks that serve as the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring they are sturdy, safe, and stylish.

Landscape Design: Crafting Nature’s Masterpiece

Salt & Pepper takes pride in offering comprehensive landscape design services. From lush greenery to intricate garden features, our landscape architects work to transform your outdoor area into a harmonious blend of nature and art.

Outdoor Kitchens: Dine Al Fresco in Style

As specialists in outdoor kitchens, we create culinary spaces where you can cook and dine under the sky. Our outdoor kitchens are designed to be both functional and elegant, making them ideal for both intimate family meals and large social gatherings.

Pergola and Gazebo Construction: Defining Elegance

Our pergola and gazebo construction services provide you with structures that add both beauty and practicality to your outdoor space. These features offer shade, style, and a perfect setting for outdoor relaxation.

Swimming Pool Installation: Dive into Luxury

A swimming pool is more than just a water feature; it’s an oasis. Our swimming pool installation services are centered around creating a pool that complements your outdoor space and provides a refreshing retreat.

Hardscaping Services: The Foundation of Outdoor Beauty

Incorporating hardscaping services into our outdoor construction, we ensure your outdoor area is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable. From walkways to retaining walls, our hardscaping solutions are designed to enhance the usability and appeal of your outdoor space.

Fire Pit Installation: Gather Around Warmth and Stories

Our fire pit installation services add a focal point to your backyard where friends and family can gather, share stories, and enjoy the warmth. Each fire pit is designed to fit the style and safety needs of your outdoor space.

Fence and Gate Installation: Security Meets Style

We understand the importance of privacy and security in your outdoor space. Our fence and gate installation services provide the perfect balance of security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Illuminate Your Evenings

Our outdoor lighting solutions are designed to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor area. From path lights to accent lighting, we ensure that your outdoor space is beautifully illuminated.

Retaining Wall Construction: Strength and Style

For properties needing elevation solutions, our retaining wall construction services offer both functional support and an aesthetic touch to your landscape.

Water Features: Tranquil Additions to Your Garden

Incorporating water features like fountains and ponds, we bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to your outdoor construction project.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solutions: Sustainable and Beautiful

Committed to sustainability, we offer eco-friendly outdoor solutions that reduce environmental impact while enhancing the beauty of your space.

Outdoor Renovation Contractors: Experts in Transformation

As experienced outdoor renovation contractors, we handle every aspect of your outdoor construction project, ensuring it aligns with your vision and needs.

Contact Salt & Pepper for Your Outdoor Construction Needs

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into an area of beauty, functionality, and luxury, contact Salt & Pepper today. Let’s bring your vision of the perfect outdoor space to life!


Flowless And Reliable Process Steps


Consult & Design

Meet with our experts to share your vision and we’ll tailor a design that captures your style and meets your functional needs.


Plan & Propose

Receive a clear, detailed proposal, including a timeline and cost estimate, ensuring transparency and preparedness before work begins.


Construct & Perfect

Our skilled team brings the design to life, focusing on quality craftsmanship and the finishing touches that make your space uniquely yours.